About Mandi Sawyer

Founder of Root to Branch, Mandi Sawyer, has been passionate about healthcare and healing for most of her life. There have been many iterations of this throughout her lifetime, but studying Traditional Chinese Medicine was a dream of hers for more than a decade before beginning her studies.

Her experience includes Traditional Chinese Medicine internships at Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern, and The Salvation Army Harbor Lights Center.  She has also worked as a birth doula, postpartum doula, and is currently a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) specializing in older infants and complex issues.

Mandi Sawyer is passionate herbal medicine.  She is a certified herbalist and worked at the Herbal Dispensary at Northwestern Health Sciences University compounding and filling patient prescriptions for several years.

She and her husband, George Sawyer, are proud to be farmers focused on sustainability and soil health raising goats and certified organic chickens at Wild Haven Farm.  Her hobbies include crafting of all kinds, baking, reading, gardening, and tap dancing.

My job is not to heal patients, but to help their body heal itself.

Mandi Sawyer

Owner, Root to Branch

Our Logo

base of tree growing on rock ledge with roots gripping rocks
base of tree growing on rock ledge with roots gripping rocks

Our logo is based on the Chinese character for tree (mù) combined with a braided circle reminiscent of the Celtic tree of life. It is intended to represent the intertwined nature of healing – that healing one area affects all areas of our lives.


41494 Poor Farm Rd

Sunrise, MN 55056



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